Make your communication credible. Newsworthy. Like an expert would.

We turn your real estate and housing stories into journalism. We get the right message across, with maximum impact. We ensure that your company, organization, or municipality communicates expertly. Getting you the attention you deserve.

What will we be doing?

  • Corporate journalism

    Taking our journalistic approach, we present your message in a credible manner. In words as well as in images. In the press, on social media, and through your own channels.

  • Communication strategy

    A well thought-out communication policy calls for the right strategy. Our advice and a detailed plan will enable you to influence the political or public debate.

  • Crisis communication

    Protect your reputation, including in difficult times. We help you to communicate correctly in the thick of it. As a precaution, we draw up an efficient plan.

  • Media training

    Your presence determines your organization's image. We help you prepare for contact with the media, on camera or behind the scenes.

More information

“Only when you convey a relevant story will you be credible as an expert. Sometimes the best way to achieve that is with a conventional press release, but there are so many other possibilities. For instance, we increasingly communicate using short news videos.”

Dajo Hermans

Managing Partner Bereal

“Bereal has ensured that we're included in the public debate on housing. And that's borne out in practice. Politicians, academics, journalists: their interest in our vision has only increased.”

Olivier Carrette


“We've been working with Bereal for a number of years, and they continue to challenge us communicatively. A great sparring partner who's helped us get ahead with regard to both our reputation and our internal and external communication.”

Ingrid Ceusters

CEO Group Hugo Ceusters-SCMS

“Bereal has guided our communication through several real estate projects. They know the market, are aware of what the hot issues are and are always one step ahead of the game.”

Philippe Janssens

CEO Immpact

“As a start-up, we thought a PR agency wasn't for us. But we were soon proved wrong. They're there for us exactly when we need them.”

Hendrik Tanghe


“Among other things, Bereal has surprised us with the news videos it has made for us. Efficient and newsworthy.”

Jo De Wolf

CEO Montea

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