Real estate communication


Bereal has put us on a pedestal when it comes to property and insurance. They also play an active role in finding new communication opportunities in our sector.

HillewaereRoel Druyts, CEO

Thinking in advance and working proactively; that’s where Bereal excels. They shift gear at a moment’s notice and help us communicate our message transparently.

AcasaBorries Schutte, Real Estate Developer

Bereal filters huge quantities of content to pinpoint our real news stories. And then presents them to the media in exactly the right way.

B2AiKatrien Darras, Communication Manager

Bereal holds up a mirror for us. They examine our organisation critically and make adjustments where necessary. In turn, they expand and invigorate the view of our organisation for ourselves and others.

CEUSTERSIngrid Ceusters, CEO

Bereal succeeds in subtly capitalising on our expertise and linking it to social trends. They are the ideal PR partner.

DCAIsabelle Huybrechts, Head of Communication and Marketing

Bereal always keeps communication lines short. Thanks to their meticulous and proactive approach, we don’t have to worry about our media relations.

Global Estate GroupKathleen Dewulf, Managing Partner

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