About us

We're PR experts - call us corporate journalists - who are at home in the real estate and housing industry. We help you to position yourself in society. To turn your people into experts. To make people loyal to your company. And when the situation calls for it, to be two steps ahead of the team.

Our team

What will we be doing?

Are other companies or organizations always hogging all of the media attention, while the story you have to tell is just as interesting? Or do you have a project you'd like to communicate correctly? Then it's time to take charge of your communication. We'll get your company or project the attention it deserves.

Our approach...

Corporate journalism

Taking our journalistic approach, we present your message in a credible manner. In words as well as in images. In the press, on social media, and through your own channels.

  • Bereal looks at your company, organisation or project from a journalist's perspective. Together with you, we determine which topics are relevant.

  • We ensure efficient communication. To achieve that, we take both a proactive and a reactive approach.

  • We turn you into the publisher of your own stories. Through social media, blogs, vlogs, and your own website.

  • Because 70 percent of internet traffic will soon be video, we'll visualize your message using professional news videos.

  • Interested? Get in touch with Dajo Hermans (0478 84 42 45 - dajo@bereal.be).

Communication strategy

A well thought-out communication policy calls for the right strategy. Our advice and a detailed plan will enable you to influence the political or public debate.

  • As a manager, you sometimes need to weigh in on the political or public debate with a clever strategy. We ensure that the right topics are put on the agenda and that ideas take hold.

  • An op-ed in an authoritative newspaper, a well-timed interview, a strategic collaboration effort with an external expert... We create a context that yields maximum return on your project or story.

  • We don't just address the public at large, but make sure all of your stakeholders are up to speed.

  • People would rather listen to other people than to companies or organisations. That's why we also counsel your experts via personal branding.

  • Something for you or your company? We can tell you a lot more about it. Don't hesitate to contact us via info@bereal.be.

Crisis communication

Protect your reputation, including in difficult times. We help you to communicate correctly in the thick of it. As a precaution, we draw up an efficient plan.

  • With a sophisticated plan, we hand you the keys to protect your, your company's, or your project's reputation, including in difficult times.

  • We take care of both strategy and content of neighbourhood or stakeholder communication for real estate projects.

  • Our experts have drawn up numerous crisis plans which have proved efficient for companies, organisations, and authorities.

  • Is an unexpected or long-feared crisis breaking out? Leaving you in dire need of advice? Another occasion for you to count on our flexible team.

  • Jeroen Wils, author of the book “Communicating in Times of Crisis”, is our top-notch in-house crisis communication expert. Get in touch with him via jeroen@bereal.be or 0475 30 75 06.

Media training

Your presence determines your organization's image. We help you prepare for contact with the media, on camera or behind the scenes.

  • We have the expertise required to prepare you for press or stakeholders contacts.

  • During a camera training session, we teach you the right techniques to get through interviews with flying colours.

  • Training will show you and your company the ropes of how to navigate the media jungle. Thereby teaching you how to efficiently communicate with the press.

  • Have you got a presentation to give? With the aid of tips and practical exercices we teach your people to speak well in front of an audience.

  • With our practical approach we help your company to be efficiently and suitably present on social media.

  • Would you like to find out more? Contact Dajo Hermans, managing partner at Bereal, via dajo@bereal.be or 0478 84 42 45.

Your stakeholders matter

Communicating well about a real estate project is no walk in the park. Neither is getting a crisis under control. The unpredictability, the fast succession of events, and the constant, imperative demand for up-to-date information are the greatest challenges.

We make sure you're ready, with a plan, training, advice, and concrete stories. We do this in all the ways we can. From conventional press releases and op-eds right through to news videos.

What makes us unique?

We're not marketers. We're communication experts, who know the media through and through. We think along with you and make your story relevant and credible.

Worked as a journalist for over ten years 

Spokesman and Communications Director of the real estate sector (BIV and CIB Vlaanderen) 

Managing Partner of Bereal 

Newspaper and television journalist for 25 years

Much-sought-after communication expert in various panels

Managing Partner of Bereal

Director Public Affairs at Burson Marsteller Brussels

Co-founder of PR agency Grevendonk, Jeurissen and Partners (2001)

Managing Partner of Bereal 

MA in History and MA in International Politics

Worked as a journalist at Het Laatste Nieuws for two years

Business Manager at Bereal

Master in de Communicatiewetenschappen

Voormalig leerkracht Nederlands-Engels

PR-consultant bij Bereal

Bachelor in de journalistiek

Stagiair vastgoedbemiddelaar

Pr-consultant bij Bereal

14 years of experience as a reporter at Het Laatste Nieuws and Het Nieuwsblad

Head of News at Nieuwsblad Online

PR-consultant at Bereal

Master’s degree in Communication Sciences and Bachelor’s degree in American Studies

25 years of journalistic experience at VTM NIEUWS

Head of News at Bereal

Experience in sales, communication and marketing

Editor at De Standaard

PR-consultant at Bereal

Master Communication Sciences

4 years of experience as a PR specialist

PR-consultant at Bereal

10 Years of experience in communication

Former spokesperson for the Brussels Parliament

PR-consultant at Bereal

Master in Journalism

Intern at the news desks of De Tijd, NRC Handelsblad and De Standaard

PR-consultant at Bereal