Jeroen Wils

Managing DirectorCrisis communication & media training expert


Running six of the world’s major marathons, earning the biggest medal of all; that’s what our founder Jeroen does in his spare time! At least, when he’s not spending time with his adorable kids. With extensive experience in journalism - 7 years as head of news at VTM and 25 years as a journalist - he founded Bereal with Dajo in 2014. In an unbelievably short period of time they have taken it to the top of the PR landscape, with us at their side. But is Jeroen still involved now that the team is so big? You betcha! He’s not just a media trainer, he also focusses on day-to-day management and every aspect of strategy and people management. His credentials in terms of crisis communication have been more than proven with his book ‘Communiceren in tijden van crisis’ (Communicating in times of crisis).

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