Koen Cypers

Senior PR Consultant & Expert Real EstateNeighbourhood communication & reputation management expert

With a diploma in history, a teacher-training qualification and a master's degree in international politics, you might not expect to find Koen in our team. But like so many of us, this genuine team-player managed to find his way into journalism. During his master’s degree, he spent two months in Uganda writing his thesis on coverage of the president’s election campaign in the local media. And that’s it, he was bitten by the bug. When he returned from Africa, he completed a work placement at VRT and then picked up a job as a journalist for Het Laatste Nieuws. He swapped his editorial role for Bereal in 2016 and became our first ever employee. After a while working as a PR Consultant, he now functions as our Business Manager, monitoring all the comings and goings within Bereal. No strategies, plans or communications go out without his nod of approval. The boundary between work and private? There's not much in it for Koen. He's pretty much always working.

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