Neighbourhood communication

A successful real estate project starts with strong communication. With the right stakeholders, at the right time, and with the appropriate – pertinent – information. We help you generate support for your project in your community or wider region. By assessing and considering sensitivities and, above all, by communicating, in the right way, to the right people. So you are able to develop your story in a transparent and credible manner. And the same goes for your project, of course. 

Local stakeholder analysis

What is going on in the neighbourhood or community where your project is located? Where do the pinch-points for traders and schools lie? And what are the locals unhappy about? Once you’ve had a chance to tell us all about the project and we’ve taken the corresponding ‘pulse’, we evaluate the overall situation for you. We can be detail-focussed or more pragmatic; whatever you prefer.

Neighbourhood communication plan

In a neighbourhood communication plan, we turn everything we know about the project’s neighbourhood into concrete communication actions. Including stories for the media, but also the elements you keep for your own local magazine or project website. The key word is transparency. It’s the only way to rally support.

Participation phase

From the very first info-moment, through local discussions, to an open debate with local residents; if you involve stakeholders in the project effectively, you will strengthen your position and garner the required support. We provide advice but can also create a presentation, flyers or a Q&A.

Local information channels

We create your project website, neighbourhood newsletter or short video for social media in our house-style; using a journalistic and credible approach. And we’re always on the lookout for news stories. So, a trader may have his say, and then the local mayor, for example. As long as it’s relevant. This will garner further support for your real estate project.

Local media relations

We take your story to the (local) media and bring the local press to your project. By inviting them to the site, for example, and telling them all about the project, being transparent and generating support; we’re happy to help.


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