Media Relations

Your real estate company’s story isn’t sent out to just anyone. We identify the right media outlet, and then convince them with your content, figures and expertise. At exactly the right moment. The fact that we’ve all been professional journalists for many years is an added bonus for you. We know what the media want (but also what they don’t want). We speak their language. Want to pitch a story? Just leave it to us.

Press releases

Whether we’re focussing on a real estate project or corporate communication, we write your story and tailor it to the media’s exact needs. With added newsworthiness to maximize the impact. We then give the story to the most relevant media, at exactly the right moment.

Press moment

Prefer a creative media moment rather than a straight-up press conference? We organise everything; from the first idea to the final implementation. We will, of course, advise you on strategy and content along the way, but we just as happily help you in organising the practical aspects, from A to Z, if that’s what you prefer.

Strategic advice

A delicate or complex communication issue? We translate it into strong advice that you can apply right away. Using smart methods, your story is relayed in the public arena in a perfectly managed and controlled way. You can rely on us also to warn you about the potential pitfalls so that you can easily avoid them.


When a topic starts trending, you offer your expertise on the matter to the media; that’s what we call newsjacking. We identify your company’s DNA, right to the core, and keep our finger on the pulse of current affairs.

Opinion piece

Is your sector or expertise suddenly a hot-topic in the media? That’s our prompt to write a strong op-ed on behalf of yourself or your organisation. We’ll not only clarify your vision; we’ll also amplify your voice in the debate.

Media monitoring

We are your company’s eyes and ears. We keep a close eye on any references to your company or project in the (social) media. Not just so we can react to a current topic quickly, but also to allow us to measure the impact of our work on your reputation.


We help you create powerful messages and assist you when meeting the media. We coach you to deal with the trickiest questions journalists may throw at you, summarise your story which includes your core message, or formulate straightforward and clear information during a crisis.


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