Reputation Management

Building a solid and credible reputation, so you stand strong even when things sometimes don’t go as planned. We work closely with you and your communication team. Whether you need to know which expertise to showcase publicly or whether you’re intrigued to know how your stakeholders perceive your business or a certain project. Our ambition is clear: we build a powerful profile for you.

Workshop thought leadership

An in-depth interview to explain the DNA of your company or project, or to showcase your expertise and views. Right down to the details that matter. We’ll apply our journalistic skills and ask you and your company’s experts all the relevant questions. At the end of this process, you’ll know the topics in which your organisation can really become a thought leader.

Communication plan

All the different stories we’d like to tell about your company or your real estate project – and the precise timing at which this will be done – will be summarised in a concise but clear communication plan. This will form the basis of smooth, skilfully-managed meetings with the media and your other stakeholders.

Reputation analysis

How do local residents feel about your project? As a project developer, how are you perceived by the media? What do your colleagues think of the way you communicate? And the people who represent you in public? We will find out for you via interviews with all your stakeholders. Fascinating insights are all but guaranteed! A detailed action plan, with a few firm activities to enhance your reputation.

Stakeholder mapping

Need to address a sensitive project? We assess who you should talk to. Local residents, banks, investors, the media? How will they understand your story? After the stakeholder mapping process, you’ll know exactly who to communicate with and how.

Stakeholder discussion and round tables

When it comes to complex topics or projects, it may be useful to identify your stakeholders’ views on the matter. We gather the relevant parties for your organisation around the table and take on the analytical, advisory or managerial role. This will make you aware of the ins-and-outs of the situation and allow you to identify the challenges. And prepare for them.

Employer branding

We profile your company as an appealing employer. A company that is not just an attractive one to work for but also one that has purpose.

Personal branding branding

Profiling a corporate leader in the media is all about personal branding. The channels we use are practically endless. We target social media as well as traditional media, but also focus on packing out halls via readings and guest lectures.

Public affairs

We defend your interests as a real estate expert by engaging in dialogue with policymakers, their advisers and stakeholders. We bring together the right people. And, in turn, give you an influential voice in the decision-making process.


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