Telling compelling stories is a rare skill. Regardless of how you’d like to share your expertise with the wider world, one thing is certain: our experienced storytellers will never let you down. They will break your real estate story like only true experts in the field can. Without it coming across as a commercial story, it will always be highly relevant. And in a newsworthy way.

Vertrouwen in bedrijven is zoek, zo blijkt uit Trust Barometer


Whether a newsletter, a local magazine, a blog or an annual report: our team includes some really talented wordsmiths. They roll out their expertise to add power to your story. Always dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. And 100% relevant of course.


Whether you’re dreaming of your own magazine or want to publish a local newspaper or annual report; we can showcase your real estate expertise in line with journalistic expectations. With valuable content, which we select with your help, and relevant stories. We also take care of production, from a clean sheet of paper to the final printed product.

News video

Your project or company story explained in words, pictures, graphs and stats, a short video for your social media channels, an animated film to explain and demonstrate how something works… we produce ready-to-use professional video reports that let you shine. As always, with a journalistic touch.


Podcasts are the ‘in thing’ right now. And why not? They are a fantastic opportunity to flaunt your expertise. As long as they are made professionally, of course! And that’s where we come into play. From choosing the right topic, right through direction and recording, to final editing.


Does your organisation process a great deal of data? We use an original approach to turn this into solid stories and multi-faceted infographics. Clear and easy to understand, these can then be shared via social media or added to a press release.

Your experts

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Senior PR Consultant


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