Bepublic Group seeks Business Manager Befirm (F/N)

Bepublic Group is looking for a new colleague to support PR agency Befirm, which specialises in financial communication, in its expansion.
We are looking for a business manager who can lead and grow PR agency Befirm, part of Bepublic Group. The business manager will lead Befirm’s PR team and generate new customers and business models, also within the French-speaking market. The business manager is part of the management team at Bepublic Group and reports to the Group’s managing directors.

Who are we looking for?

You are a senior PR manager or journalist and have at least 8 years of relevant experience in financial communication, corporate communication, PR and/or journalism. You are fascinated by current events. As a result of your experience, you know precisely how financial companies communicate and can guide them in their efforts. You understand the financial world inside out and have a corresponding, extensive network. In addition to experience in PR and communication, you also have experience in commercial environments. You can develop new business models and persuade new customers.

Having an extensive media and corporate network in the French-speaking market would be a particular advantage for this role. Your French is perfect. You also have a good knowledge of Dutch and English.

What we offer

You will be welcomed into a friendly team. Bepublic Group will also provide you with access to a large network in the Belgian business, journalistic, and political community. We offer conditions in line with the market and work with both employees and freelancers.

Who we are

Bepublic Group is an ambitious PR agency in Brussels with national coverage and international collaborations. The group consists of three independent PR agencies Bepublic, Bereal, and Befirm. Each agency specialises in its own market, but together we take a single journalistic approach. Our mission is to profile our customers as the experts in their field. The result is greater credibility and a stronger reputation. Even in times of crisis. With customers such as Telenet, Acerta, BDO, ERA, Santander Consumer Bank, Schroders, Lazard and Triodos, we have a diverse customer portfolio. The Bepublic Group is part of the company Mediafin.

Interested in the job vacancy below? Please contact us via hello@bepublic.be and send us your CV.

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