At the annual not-to-be-missed event for estate agents, MIPIM, the Antwerp-based estate agent CEUSTERS handed out a magazine for stakeholders and prospects for the third time in a row. The content? The company’s most noteworthy annual results, newsworthy articles about the market and their experts, and eye-catching stories about CEUSTERS’ staff. In other words, a strong, journalistic publication with added value for the reader.

Inspirational, powerful content

To be original, you have to leave the beaten path. That is why the managers at CEUSTERS decided, with our PR consultants, to turn their classic annual report into a creative, inspiring magazine packed with powerful content. Focussing on a specific topic, such as the office market or the retail sector. 

It’s all about creating a strong content plan, elaborating on this and then, of course, gaining the client’s approval. Thanks to our expertise in the real estate market and our client’s DNA, we quickly identified the most appropriate topics. We called on a few international business leaders to join the debate and created the entire publication from A to Z. Our creative cell worked with texts, photos and the client’s specific preferences. Every page took on the look and feel of the client, with the right infographics and fitting quotes. 

Highest possible visibility

Several thousands of copies were printed and sent to all stakeholders, partners and clients. But we wouldn’t be Bereal if we hadn’t used the opportunity to add some news to the magazine too. To trigger people to read it, to offer it to a broader audience and to increase visibility.

This prompted us to completely digitalise the CEUSTERS magazine. So each article could be shared easily on LinkedIn or other social media. And CEUSTERS could showcase its talents. 

Our simple advice? There are hundreds of corporate magazines and brochures out there. If you really want to stand out, steer away from the trendy marketing stories and commercial content. Instead, choose strong, journalistic content. And let your expertise speak for itself.

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Lies Dobbelaere

Senior PR Consultant

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