More and more companies are opting to present their often complex annual or quarterly results using easy-to-understand, short videos. In these videos, you deliver the most important news in a maximum of three minutes. And, the video is easy to share via social media and your other online channels. Choose a recognizable format with short, simple quotes and clear graphics.

Choosing content

Before you start working on a clever video, you must first consider how you will remain at the front of your viewers’ minds long after they have seen your video. You do that by choosing the right content. Write a scenario that contains three core messages together with fitting images. It is important to be ‘to the point’ and use plain language when conveying the most relevant ideas.

Relevant message

Then, just as Montea does, it is important to convey a relevant message. Tell your viewers what happens at your company: Use concrete numbers and also tell them why and how your company achieved the results it did. This way, you tell them a genuine story. For example, Montea can emphasise the fact that it initiated various partnerships in a time of total crisis. But, in addition to that, they also told their viewers why storage space for e-commerce is more important than ever.

Timing is key

One of the golden rules of delivering video messages is to keep your quotes – any original message you deliver – no longer than 20 seconds. Take this into account, because once your messages are longer than that, you will lose the viewer’s attention. And remember – you want the core message to keep reverberating with your audience.

Choose a recognizable format

When you commit to making your quarterly or annual results public using videos, it is wise to do so using the same format every time. That way they become something recognizable. In the video for Montea, we accomplished this by using a black background each time. This consistently focusses all the attention on the message from CEO Jo De Wolf. A conscious choice and a recognizable one. Besides this, clear-cut, easy-to-understand graphics or animations are also an excellent way to present complex data.

A video with annual results? You would take a look, too, wouldn’t you?


Hannelore Schmid
Hannelore Schmid

PR Consultant

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