A PR agency born and bred in journalism.

Profiling your real estate company as the expert in your specialist area; that is what we do. 

We showcase your strengths, your vision and, above all, what you do best. At exactly the right moment. We raise your profile, as well as that of your company or your real estate project and make you top-of-mind. With the media but also with (potential) clients and partners. We also give you a clear voice within the social debate. The net result? Increased credibility among your target audience and a reputation more robust than ever before.

Our methods? We tackle it like journalists.

This means three things: first, we examine your organisation and the corresponding stories with a journalist’s approach. Then, we pinpoint your company’s ‘DNA’ and seek out news. That news is then combined with your expertise and presented to the right target audience. Managing your communication? We’re in control every step of the way. You can rely on our comprehensive expertise when it comes to the real estate market.

We link your story about real estate and housing to the news of the day.

This is a proactive process; we offer your compelling story to the media at exactly the right moment but may also link in with current topics or the news of the day. We’ve coined a term for it: ‘newsjacking’. In other words, we become the eyes and ears of your organisation. And ensure that you become central to the debate in your sector.

It all started with a dream.

When Dajo Hermans, Jeroen Wils and Carine Grevendonk crossed paths in 2014, they immediately understood that they shared a dream. They wanted to communicate differently and realised the real estate sector was in need of some urgent professional communication expertise. Not just for commercial stories about the real estate market or projects, but also eye-catching news stories. Expertise and skills they could also apply to building up a credible reputation for residential and commercial real estate stakeholders. From project developers, through estate agents, to architects. Bereal was born. 

The success of their approach has been amply illustrated by the company’s strong growth. Bereal is now the go-to company in real estate PR. We are wordsmiths, digital wizards, storytellers, strategists, communication experts, crisis communication specialists and, at the end of the day, all journalists at heart. 

Since 2018, we have been part of the Mediafin media group, together with Bepublic and Befirm, the other companies within the Bepublic Group. But we are and remain a completely independent PR company.

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